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Monday, February 14, 2011
Today was slow because I have a cooolddd. T_T
Right now it's only minor, but it gets bad at nighhhttt and I don't sleeeeep.
Okay, enough of the extended words.

Today is Valentine's Day! I know most people consider it one of those commercialised holidays and yada yada, but for me, it's just another reason for me to express just how much I adore my Gentleman. I try to do it every day, but sometimes you just have to throw in a little extra, you know?
Since we weren't together for much of today (about 5:30pm onwards), my Xin only got about half his present today. I wrote a letter and a card, and created little 'tokens of my affection' tokens out of little paint sample cards. I also found and made a recipe for vegan chocolate truffles! They turned out quite well, and were so easy to make!! Even my mum liked them~ Tehee.
I made sure the packaging looked beautiful, and wrapped everything up with a bow. I was so proud of my homemade presents! Xin surprised me with something homemade too - a lemon slice (also vegan)! It was really yummyyy. (Woops. Extended words strike again..)

Anyway, enough of the mushy.
Today was my second Tai Chi class, and I'm still loving it!
We continued on from where we left last week - we've learnt about nine moves out of 108, so we're making good progress!! To start with my chi was feeling pretty blocked and scrambled, so it was hard to get back into the rhythm of things, but eventually it happened and I felt so much better! Tip for self: Tai Chi helps with colds.
I really feel that Tai Chi could help me out in many areas of my life, especially my health. Just some of the known benefits are:
  • improving circulation
  • increasing bronchial capacity and oxygen intake
  • exercising and toning muscles
  • developing balance, coordination and fine motor control
  • improving reflexes
  • improving digestion and metabolic rate
  • correcting posture (yes please!)
  • improve flexibility in all joints
and I'm sure there are plenty more! Plus it helps my chi flow more naturally, and, since it's felt blocked for so long, this is a wondrous thing!!

I'm still extremely interested in checking out acupuncture (I'm hoping it will help with my ovarian cysts...), but, given my current money situation (I'm borrowing from Xin for my Tai Chi classes already..), this may have to wait. Plus I need to consult my GP first. (Please also see last post for a broader idea on why I need to see my GP..)

As you can probably tell, even though I'm sick I'm still feeling pretty cheerful. I think this may be because of my little Bronte being good, my Mum taking care of me, getting to spend time with and being loved by Xin, and getting to go to Tai Chi even though I wasn't sure I'd get through the full class.
I guess sometimes you can suddenly have a lovely day, even when you're having to think through tough stuff. I mostly gave my brain a break from thinking about contraception and cysts today, because it was bumming me out so much yesterday.

Tomorrow is Toozday!! I'll be resting, making delicious and easy pasta for Xin, watching my darling Bronte and hopefully getting ready for Uni (just a bit.. ^_^)

Here's a quote that I plan to live my life by (at least for the moment):
Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.

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