Tuesday, February 8, 2011
I have been procrastinating like crazy over posting today. But I promised myself at least once a day for a month, so I best be getting my butt in gear! (what an odd saying, by the way. since when do we need to manually operate our behinds? hmm.)
I have had many thoughts lately on The People I Admire In My Daily Life. These people are friends who make me go wowie because they are so amazing and delicious. (Well, maybe not quite delicious. I'm not a cannibal. Really.)
And the thing is, I got to a point that I was admiring The People so much that I found it difficult to work on my friendships or relationships with them. In fact, it took one of The People to make me realise that, hey, I am the one that's trying to work on these friendships, so, even if The People are is awesome as I believe, I must be pretty awesome myself. Does that make sense? I hope so.
Anyway. I had the fortune of visiting one of The People I Admire In My Daily Life recently and they are a particular Person that I find quite hard to ...understand, I guess. This could be for many reasons, but I think a main one is that I was just so put of by their awesome that I got distracted and confused. But when I visited the other day, I suddenly saw them with new eyes. I began to understand. That they are just as vulnerable and confused (or can be) as I am, and that I offer them something that makes them feel >insert warm fuzzy lovely thing here<, otherwise - why would they be keeping me around? And why would they so want to talk to me and so want to listen to me? I understand that genuinity is hard to come by in some relationships lately (goodness, do I KNOW), but I felt it with this Person, and it was good. It made me feel amazing and loved.
Okay, I'm going to finish this post with my first official-Havi-Brooks-related post. So here are my Personal Ads. (To understand better, please see here).

Thing One: Inspire me please.
 Here's what I want: I've been in a crazy searching mood lately for an amazing inspirational book.
It's been difficult and I just feel that I can't keep going on with my Journey without continuing to gain things from the Universe and grow.
I want this book to come to me in a kind of wow-that's-the-one! kind of way.

Ways this could work:
Someone could recommend a book to me, or I could stumble across something appropriate on a blog somewhere. (I'm already researching avenues on some of my favourite blogs...)
I could accidentally trip over it on the street one day, or it could already be in my house and I just suddenly find it.

My commitment.
To remember that this doesn't have to happen right now. I'm still on my journey, and while I feel a need more guidance, I can do it for myself.
To not be so stubborn and childish about it, but to search in a calm and careful manner.

Thing Two: Menstruation Madness*
What I want:
Every month when my period comes around, it's like sickness city. My doctor has said that this might happen, but I continue to try to find new ways of relieving the pain and discomfort. I am so proud and happy to be a woman, and I enjoy having my period because it reminds me of many things about life. But I don't deserve so much pain every time. Or sickness. Or euchness. SO THERE.
Ways this could work:
I could be recommended another book on menstruation to read that is helpful (BOOKS <3), or discover a website full of lovely info.
I could somehow get some money and finally manage to buy some new menstrual products that I've heard should help, or finally go try out acupuncture.
Lovely people being lovely could recommend natural remedies for me and my crazy hormones.
My commitment.
To treat my body with respect and care, and to remember that it's trying to tell me something every time it hurts or feels icky.
To continue to eat better and remain positive and hopeful about being able to recognise my body's needs.
(* I will not apologise for talking so openly about something that is natural to me. I'm sorry if this offends you. But please do not read it if it bothers you at all. My period is part of my being a woman.)
That's about it for now! I'm hoping someone out there will read this blog and gain something from it. Even though it's my Journey, doesn't mean it can't help someone else with theirs. ^_^ 

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