Goodness. Thursday already.

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Today was fairly slow and lazy. Just what I wanted really. Although I would have liked more loves~ ^_^
I ended up feeling completely defeated by my body last night - I was pretty depressed. I've been dealing with different pains and constant sickness for ...>calculates< about 10 years now. Almost 10. Wow.
While I've been getting better recently - I've been more active and capable than I've been in years - it's still quite hard to deal with recurring and frightening problems.
My Gentleman (as always) supported me and suggested that perhaps Western medicine has done all it can, and that I should open a door for Eastern medicine to walk through. I've been considering acupuncture for some time, so this was a bit of a push in the right direction. Plus, now that I'm doing Tai Chi, it feels like the right time.
Today was full of warm fuzziness. Things like Yen magazine, op-shopping, beautiful new music, books and recipes to try, thoughts of tv series I'm about to start and uni studies that will be happening again soon.

I haven't had too many profound thoughts today really, merely thoughts on my pursuit of warm fuzziness. Tonight I chose to spend for myself. I'm not sure what I'll spend my time doing, but I hope that it leads to feeling good and comfortable, because that is what I need right now.

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