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Friday, August 26, 2022

 Hi fronds,

What do you think of the title? Because there's probably going to be more like this in the works, and my initial idea : 'Books I Meant to Review Ages Ago But Have Been Too Sick to do so' just didn't seem to have the same ring to it.

Anyway, on we go!

The Stardust Thief
(The Sandsea Trilogy #1)
Chelsea Abdullah

I am kicking myself that I haven't had the energy to review this properly since I read it. I absolutely loved this book - even more than I thought I might. The characters in particular are what made it for me, but the style of writing, the lore, the fantasy aspects! I could honestly gush about this for a while, but it would be neither intelligible nor particularly interesting after a certain point, I'm sure. But just know that the urge is there.

This has basically shot to a very high position on my list of series I am so excited to be reading, and has actually displaced a couple of others who have slinked into the darkness to plot their revenge.

I might be in a weird mood. Anyway.

10/10 compasses of interesting abilities.


These Twisted Bonds
(These Hollow Vows #2)
Lexi Ryan

This one is the sequel to These Hollow Vows, and also the conclusion to the duology. And I... enjoyed it. For the most part. I did find myself getting really irritated with the main character at times, and a few characters acted in ways that I wasn't sure really made sense, and the ending seemed a little... convenient, but also complex in a weird way. 

But it was fae and sexy and dark powers and so I ate it up anyway.

Another book that I kind of feel like polyamory might be a good way to go for the characters, but I have to acknowledge that that doesn't work for everyone.

Overall, enjoyed my time here, and am interested in whatever Lexi Ryan writes in the future.

7.5/10 tsundere dark fae.


How Do You Say I Love You?
Ashleigh Barton and Martina Heiduczek

Let's wrap this post up with a picture book. Sweetly illustrated and written, How Do You Say I Love You? is such a lovely book to look through and read, particularly together with a loved one. I adored the inclusion at the end of little descriptions of what each language was and where it was spoken predominantly.

This is one of my favourite kinds of picture book - educational, but soft and gentle and beautiful, too. I love this!

8/10 rainbows and love hearts. (it honestly feels very odd rating this, but it's what I do so... have a rating that makes very little sense. ^_^)


And I'm gonna call it there for this round-up. Thank you to everyone who reads through my somewhat sporadic updates... my health has been a bit harder to manage this year, but please know that I try to do book-related things whenever I can. They might appear elsewhere, though, so if you're interested please check out my bookstagram and my booktube :)

Love to all who read :)

{I received review copies of these books from Hachette and HarperCollins (The Stardust Thief and These Twisted Bonds from Hachette, How Do You Say I Love You? from HarperCollins) in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own.}

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