Book Review: Wabi Sabi by Beth Kempton

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Title: Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life
Author: Beth Kempton
Publication Date: August 30th 2018

Synopsis: "A whole new way of looking at the world - and your life - inspired by centuries-old Japanese wisdom.

Wabi sabi ("wah-bi sah-bi") is a captivating concept from Japanese aesthetics, which helps us to see beauty in imperfection, appreciate simplicity and accept the transient nature of all things. With roots in Zen and the Way of Tea, the timeless wisdom of wabi sabi is more relevant than ever for modern life, as we search for ways to approach life's challenges and seek meaning beyond materialism.

Wabi sabi is a refreshing antidote to our fast-paced, consumption-driven world, which will encourage you to slow down, reconnect with nature, and be gentler on yourself. It will help you simplify everything, and concentrate on what really matters.

From honouring the rhythm of the seasons to creating a welcoming home, from reframing failure to ageing with grace, wabi sabi will teach you to find more joy and inspiration throughout your perfectly imperfect life.

This book is the definitive guide to applying the principles of wabi sabi to transform every area of your life, and finding happiness right where you are."

My thoughts: I am so grateful to have received a review copy of this book - it is so beautiful to see, touch, even smell. The creation of this book is so beautiful, and the words contained within had the uncanny ability to help me slow down, regardless of what I was doing or thinking before I sat down to read. I found myself wanting to gobble this up in one go, but subconsciously forced myself to slow down and read this in bites. It doesn't matter, though - I still want to read it again, anyway.

Beth Kempton writes absolutely beautifully - whether imparting a flash of her own memory so that we can see through her eyes, or explaining a concept. Her words come together beautifully and gently, and this makes it a joy to read. She does her best to explain what wabi sabi actually is, even though it is really difficult to explain, and she does a pretty good job of it. She also does really well at showing how to apply the concept of wabi sabi to different areas of your life, and the chapters are just wonderfully set out.

Ultimately, I feel like I found a piece of myself in this book. It is wonderful to come across someone who has a deep love of Japan whilst not actually being from Japan. In short, perhaps I'd like to be Beth Kempton when I grow up - we already have the same first name!

{I received a review copy of this book from Hachette in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!!}

A favourite line from the book: "I pick up a fallen momiji leaf, blushing burgundy and curling at the edges... I feel quiet contentment, tinged with melancholy in the knowledge that this fleeting moment will never return.
This is the world of wabi sabi."

You would like this book if: You are intrigued by the idea of wabi sabi; you enjoy gentle, slow living tales; you love beautiful books with a wonderful message.

Tea to drink while reading this book: I think a lovely bowl of matcha would be perfect. Prepared gently and thoughtfully, of course.

Rating:  10/10

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