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Friday, April 1, 2022

 Look! Here I am again! And in a timely manner this time! ^_^ A very short time ago, I posted a ridiculously long summary of the books I had been anticipating in January, February, and March. (Psst! You can find that >here< if you'd like to catch up!) And now I am back to talk about what I'm excited for this month!

Similarly to before, the basic key is: regular text is something I've just got on my radar, italicised text is something I am moderately interested in, and bold text is something I am ridiculously excited for and will probably be preordering. On we go!


~ 12th - An Arrow to the Moon by Emily X. R. Pan

~ 12th - Blue Period v7 [manga]


~ 19th - Fevered Star (Between Earth and Sky #2) by Rebecca Roanhorse

~ 19th - The Discord of Gods (A Chorus of Dragons #5) by Jenn Lyons

~ 28th - Elektra by Jennifer Saint

~ 28th - Paint with Thread by Emillie Ferris

Okay. Wow. I'm looking at this month and am just kind of amazed by how many of these I'm super excited for.

Starting with An Arrow to the Moon, I'm quite excited for this one. I was really surprised by Emily X. R. Pan's debut, The Astonishing Colour of After, which I ended up really loving, so I am tentatively excited to pick this one up.

Next we have another volume of Blue Period, however I suspect this one has been pushed back to June, unfortunately, so I will just have to be patient there. >.<

Hahah okay on the 14th we have Hedgewitch, which I am ridiculously excited for because Skye is actually a friend of mine and I absolutely freaking love this book. I cannot wait for it to finally be out in the world so I can tell everyone to buy it and read it and just fall in love with it as much as I have. I am just so excited for Skye, and her book and writing deserve all the praise and love. (I also have an ARC version of this, and am hoping to take photos of it soon for my bookstagram <3)

Next up, Fevered Star, which is the second book in the Between Earth and Sky series. Over time, I've actually gotten more excited for this, so I think I would now change this from italics to bold, but that's partially because I've started to remember the characters and the story and oh my goodness I want more please. And so I shall soon have! Planning to preorder this one, to be honest.

The Discord of Gods is something I mentioned in a blog post not too long ago, as I read the fourth book in this series, The House of Always, in March. And if I let myself gush about this too much more, I may just implode, so suffice to say I will be preordering this book and hopefully devouring it as soon as it get into my grubby paws. (Not grubby actually, I am a very clean badger.)

Ahhh Elektra. I am definitely excited for this one, but still a little tentative? I loved Ariadne, which was Jennifer Saint's debut novel, so I guess I'm just a little nervous to go into her second novel. Will it be love at first read once again? I guess that remains to be seen.

Oh and finally we have Paint with Thread. This is actually a nonfiction selection, literally about embroidery techniques, but I'm so excited about it. I follow the artist on Instagram and just love their work, so I'm very much looking forward to getting a copy of this to devour. (And for those that didn't know, yes, I do a little bit of embroidery myself :3)

And that's it for this month! Anything on my list you're also excited about, or have I perhaps given you something to look into? Anything I didn't mention that you are dancing with excitement for? Please do tell me if you feel so inclined!

Love to all who read. <3

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