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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Hullo fronds! I have been posting a lot of book reviews lately, and I'm really glad that I've been catching up a bit with my back log, whilst also getting in a bit of the newer stuff, too. I used to review picture books on occasion, and I recently read a few together, so I wanted to do a little post of them all together for you to peruse. Each one will have a little mini-review and a star rating. Please enjoy!

Sha'an D'Anthes
29th September 2020

The artwork in this one is lovely, as you can see from the cover. The colour palette is also really lovely, and I kind of love getting to see the pencil marks in parts of the pictures. The story is quite simple, and quite short, but very sweet. I found it enjoyable, but just a little too short for me to absolutely adore. Still a really lovely book to share with littlies (the media release for this one indicates ages 4+).

6/10 sweet apples.

I Am Not a Label
Cerrie Burnell
Illustrated by Lauren Baldo
2nd July 2020

Oh I just loved this book so much. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and the little bios of each person are well-written and wonderful. The people included in this book are quite diverse, in terms of disability type, race, gender expression... just everything about this book made me smile. As a disabled person myself, it was awesome to read this and I feel like my heart swelled with each new page (particularly the double-page spread about hidden disabilites - yes!). This was such a boost and so informative. Cannot recommend it enough.

10/10 disabled and fabulous stars.

Slow Down
Rachel Williams
Illustrated by Freya Hartas
1st September 2020

So so beautiful, and each little example of a mindful moments is explained with loving detail. There is such a range of beautiful things - from birds feeding their young, to a summer storm, to a spider building a web - and each one is absolutely fascinating. I really did love this, but I found the layout to be a bit confusing at times, and the font chosen was just a little difficult for me to read, so I didn't find myself wanting to pick it up to read as much as just to look at the pictures. Gorgeous, but unfortunately not as easy to immerse myself in as I would like.

6/10 sweet butterflies emerging from chrysalises.

{I received review copies of these books from Hachette, Allen & Unwin, and Walker Books respectively, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own.}


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