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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Hello friends!

Some of you may have seen this post last week where I talked about getting back to my writing and updating my Patreon page (*cough*bringing it back from the dead*cough*), and I just wanted to swoop in here and announce that it is now up and running, and even has a new post all ready for you to read and familiarise yourself with my page! I made the post public so people can get an idea of what is going on, and the post also contains a little teaser of some creative work I am hoping to post later this month for my patrons :)

The reward tiers have been updated a lot, and I am really excited about some of them - like the Writing Assistant tier where I post polls and you guys decide what I write! I really think some awesome ideas could come out of that, and I really hope people want to give it a go!

Anyway, here's the post, please take a look! 

Love to all who read.

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