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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
My pain levels have been kind of high lately. Sometimes, when this happens, I have complete meltdowns after a few days. It's really hard to deal with high levels of pain day in and day out, and my resilience seems to seep away rather quickly. But this week, even though I am feeling pretty anxious and a little low at the moment due to a pile up of symptoms, I'm not melting down. And I think I might know why.

Basically, someone who is very dear to me suggested a couple of weeks ago that I have a regular time to nap every day. Even if I can't sleep, it would be good for me to try and lie down for an hour or two and just keep that going for myself. Sleep really does help with healing, and my body is constantly trying to heal itself, or at least feel a little better than it does, and so sleep is super helpful in that way. I decided to take my friend's advice and I've been having a regular nap time ever since (with a couple of days where I forgot/just didn't do it mixed in there, but not many), and I think it's been helping a lot.

But I want to talk about today - I decided early on that today would be a rest day, so I worked hard to just keep things quiet and gentle for myself all day. I didn't do too many chores, I made many cups of herbal tea (and drank them), and I mostly focused on reading. It was so...soothing. Whenever I have one of these days I remind myself that I need to do it a little more often, because they just help me feel more like myself.

Towards the end of the day, however, I started doing a little too much. I made dinner, took a bath, did a face mask, did some cleaning... and now I feel that anxiety and sadness creeping in. But I think, because I at least took most of the day to rest, I'm not experiencing a huge meltdown. It's just a little episode of feeling off and a bit rough. Without the self-care I've practiced today, it could have been a whole lot worse.

I guess what I'm trying to say with this poorly planned post is that self-care is not always necessary after you melt down. It can be a great preventative and can help you build your resilience. And also, naps are great.

Love to all who read.

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