An Ode to Black Tea

Monday, August 26, 2019

Ah, black tea. How I miss you.

Now, I think I will keep trying to drink you on occasion, because I just adore you so much, but unfortunately you tend to have a rather marked impact upon my heart rate, and thus my pain levels. Perhaps it's just a sign of my love for you that my heart beats faster, but I don't think it should then hurt and make me feel sick for a few hours.

Sometimes my body does not betray me, and I can drink a cup of you and just relish the lovely flavour, the warm and comforting memories, and the lovely aroma. How happy I am on those days! But they haven't happened in many a moon.

I miss being able to drink my favourites: Earl Grey, Melbourne Breakfast from T2, Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast! I miss getting excited about trying new flavours from T2, or bookish blends (which, more often than not, contain black tea, as the reader and the writer desire the caffeine to stay up to read or write more than before!). I miss learning my favourite way of taking different types of teas: milk? one sugar? or perhaps just black? And I miss different ways of preparing black tea, though I can still experience that a little with herbal, it's just not the same.

I am returning to writing lately, just a small, tiny, baby step at a time. And I miss being able to make a cup, mug, or even a pot of delicious black tea, and preparing a small jug of milk, maybe even having a sugar bowl with a precious tiny spoon, and carrying the whole lot to my desk to begin my writing session. The ritual is helpful for getting in the mindspace of writing and creating, or even just researching. I can still do these things (minus the sugar) with other teas - rooibos tea with almond milk is a lovely replacement, but I am sure no one will disagree with me when I say that it just isn't the same.

Oh, black tea. Please know that my adoration and love for you will last the rest of my living days. Even when I cannot be with you, I am often thinking of you. I hope to be strong enough to drink from a cup of your inspiration sometime once more.

(Apologies for the somewhat flowery nature of this post - I couldn't help it. Thank you for reading anyway!)

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