Book Review: Kilted Yoga by Finlay Wilson

Monday, November 27, 2017

Title: Kilted Yoga
Author: Finlay Wilson
Publication Date: 14th November 2017

Synopsis: "An eccentric, fun and motivational guide to the fundamentals of yoga - based on the sensational Kilted Yoga video.

Get ready to lose yourself in the wilds of Scotland and reconnect with the natural world in this gorgeous little book that will make you look at yoga in a whole new way - kilt optional!

After recovering from an accident, Finlay Wilson found yoga was the best way to rebuild his strength. Now a qualified yoga instructor himself, he's decided to bring a modern take to this ancient practice, laying it bare - often quite literally. Feast your eyes on his yoga moves and discover why his Kilted Yoga video became an instant global sensation.

Finlay introduces you to the fundamentals of yoga through four progressive sequences to help you develop your practice. Combining stunning photography of the Scottish Highlands with practical advice, Kilted Yoga is the inspiration you've been waiting for - join the movement here."

My thoughts: First of all, I must confess to originally thinking this might be something of a gimmick. I now know that this book goes so much deeper than that. Even just flicking through this book is a wonderful experience - the photography is absolutely stunning, and the photos that feature Finlay (and sometimes his friend) are informative and really help you to understand the poses that he is trying to explain to you.

The sequences are really well-thought out and demonstrated, and Finlay's simple instructions only help with getting the most you can out of each pose. And the kilts are also flipping gorgeous (as are the men that wear them).

I am not sure what else to say here - I just really love everything that this book and Finlay Wilson are about: recovery via yoga, beautiful Scottish countryside, kilts. It has really all come together to make a wonderful book to look through or learn from.

[I received a review copy of this book from Hachette in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!!]

A favourite line from the book: 'For me, kilts are a piece of heritage that reaches from the past to the present, and I have taken to wearing them more and more, even having kilts made with pockets to give them a modern and practical feel.'

You would like this book if: Anything in the realm of yoga, kilts, or Scotland appeals to you.

Rating:  9.5/10

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