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Wednesday, August 9, 2017
July Goal Summary:

  • Get back to my own editing - HAHAHAHA. Okay. Well. I managed the tiniest bit, but mostly this is a nope for the last couple of weeks. I have been busy with other things, and honestly I think I needed a break from my own work. I may add this to my goals for this month, too, but ultimately I do intend on getting back to this. It's all sitting there ready to go, and I have gotten through about six chapters of editing, so that isn't too shabby.
  • Start looking for places to enter my work for publication - I did so much research for this, guys. I now have a notebook dedicated to places looking for short stories for collections, or competitions for poetry or prose entries, and I have started writing and brainstorming for a couple of things. I didn't contact three places about publication, but I did contact two. One was just a little email about writing short stories for a website, and the other was sending a collection of poetry off to a small publishing press for consideration. SCARY.
  • Get back to Tabata - this kind of happened but not really. The fact is that I am going through a rough patch at the moment with my health, and doing tabata all the time would probably just exacerbate my symptoms. So this one is just a bit of a weird neutral not-win/not-lose thing.
  • Quit sugar! - I am calling this one a win! I was almost sugar free for the entire month, aside from within the last week of July where Xin and I got this awful virus and had ridiculous sore throats and... we had many icecream. It had to happen. Anyway, I am back on the wagon now, and am going well. YES.
  • More time outside  - also done. I did a few times of being out in the garden, either just admiring plants, or doing some weeding. I went for walks with Xin, and I spent time in my parent's garden, too. I still think I could spend even more time in nature, but this is a good move.

August Goals
  • Meditate every day in August - I started the year off meditating every day during January and February, and then slowly started to tail off during March and April. By May and June I was pretty much not meditating at all, bar the occasional night when I remembered. Towards the end of July I picked it back up again and am so far doing quite well, but I would really like to get back into a daily practise properly.
  • Try to do the exercise thing every day - I don't really mind what this looks like, whether it's going for a (short) run or a long walk with Xin, or if it's just a short yoga routine at home in front of the television because I haven't been able to move much all day, I'd just like to get my body moving a little more.
  • Put up a Booktube video every week in August - This is mostly just to see if I can come up with ideas and keep sitting down in front of that camera. Didn't know I'm back on Booktube? Find my channel here - and hopefully you will see videos every week from me! :D

And that's me for this month! I realised last month's stuff was kind of forceful and pretty darn ambitious, so I am easing off a little here, leaving things a bit more open-ended. Particularly when it comes to exercise. Do you have any goals for this month? Or any recommendations for Booktube videos? Let me know!

Love to all who read.

P.S. Apologies for the lack of photos this week! I will try and spruce up my goals posts in the future - I've just got a new laptop and am still getting used to it, so I ought to be back on track soon. ^_^

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