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Wednesday, July 5, 2017
I have been posting so randomly lately, with a post here, then a break of ten days, then three posts, then a break of a week. Sorry about that! And, right in the middle of that, I am going to try something new out! (*cue confused but celebratory parade with band* - I imagine this sounds something like Genie from Aladdin singing 'hail the conquering hero' and then winding down suddenly...)

I have been rediscovering my love for another blog, The Dainty Squid, written by the lovely Kaylah. She has been writing her goals blogs for a little while now, and I am feeling inspired by her, so I wanted to give it a go. Things could go terribly wrong! Or terribly right? Who knows!

July Goals

  • Get back to my own editing - I finished the first draft of a novel a few weeks back, and I started editing it, but kind of stalled about a week ago. I really want to get back to it, and whip that novel into a shape that is pleasing to my eye.
  • Start looking for places to enter my work for publication - oh this is so nerve-wracking. I hardly do this. At ALL. I have written multiple short stories, multiple poems (and nearly self-published my own collection of poetry once), and written two novels, plus a lot of a couple of others which remain unfinished. But do I ever send them off anywhere, or attempt to get the published? Nope. I dream about being published, but it just isn't happening because I'm not doing anything. This really needs to stop. So, this month, I want to contact 3 locations about publishing my work.
  • Get back to Tabata - part of my recovery is to get some vigorous exercise, like Tabata, four times a week. I have been pretty much failing this lately because of countless migraines, stomach pains, and one random ovarian cyst rupture that took five days to heal even slightly. I am feeling a bit beaten up at the moment (by my own body), but this is part of my health-improving-plan, so back to it I go!
  • Quit sugar! - Yes yes the white poison. I am actually not too bad with this, but I do have the habit of gorging on chocolate when I get my period, or eating way more fruit than I probably need to. Now, I am not quitting sugar forever, and I have been doing a lot of research about this, but I want to try and quit as much sugar as possible for at least a little while and see how I go. This is also kind of important for my recovery, too, so here goes nothing!
  • More time outside - a main part of Winter for me is kind of not leaving the house much at all, which is actually lovely sometimes, and really stifling at other times. I want to try and get outside and hang out with some trees a little more when the weather is permitting, and just breathe a bit more fresh air. Going to aim to do this twice a week at least - proper outings where I am not just standing on my back verandah.

Writing those down as making me feel way more driven and happy at the moment, and I am going to try and keep that going by heading off to get some more stuff done, maybe even some editing! I will review how I went at the beginning of next month, and see if this has been a successful experiment! ^_^

Does anyone else have some goals for the month? Do you find reading about other people's goals inspiring?

Love to all who read!

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