Book Review: The Garden Apothecary by Reece Carter

Monday, July 3, 2017

Title: The Garden Apothecary
Author: Reece Carter
Publication Date: July 1st 2017

Synopsis: "Health and wellness is a booming sector in Australia. We eat clean and we detox our pantries. But what about our medicine cabinets and the lotions and potions we use on our skin? Shouldn’t we take as much care with those as we do with food? 

In The Garden Apothecary, Herb Nerd Reece Carter shows you how to grow and make your own gentle herbal remedies, taking you right through from growing your own plants to concocting your own tinctures and ointments. 

Using forty of his favourite recipes, Reece reveals how you can use organic raw ingredients to relieve a wide range of everyday ailments, naturally.

The Garden Apothecary reveals how natural remedies can help you:
* boost your immunity and fight flus and colds
* relieve stress and sleep issues 
* improve your digestion and gut health 
* increase your vitality and libido; and
* resolve skin and beauty problems.
This book will inspire you to take hold of your health with remedies backed by traditional use and modern science that can all be rustled up from your own garden or pantry."

My thoughts: I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a book all about herbs - I love them! At the moment, my herbs are struggling to recover after the hot Australian sun scorched them over summer, but I am always happy to see my thyme spilling out over the side of its pot, or to grab a few leaves of peppermint for some fresh mint tea.

Carter has put together a really lovely book here: the photography is beautifully styled, and the I really loved the way all the information is set out. Carter gives you a little idea about basic techniques to use for preparing your herbal remedies, as well is a few chapters on different topics, such as gut health, but it is in the recipes where this really shines.

The methods are simply laid out, and Carter has done his best to indicate what he means by certain terms. I have bookmarked quite a few things to try out, including Fresh Feverfew Tea as I suffer from migraines, and the 'Chill Pill' Bath Bomb because I love bath bombs! Carter also has a whole section about ways and means to grow your own herbs, which was really well done.

Whilst I knew quite a lot of what Carter talks about here already, I still learnt quite a bit, and it is so nice to have a book with simple recipes nearby so I can choose what herbs to grow and how to use them.

[I received a review copy of this book from Harlequin Non Fiction in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!!]

You would like this book if: You are interested in herbalism, natural remedies, or making your own candles!

Tea to drink while reading this book: Carter has so many herbal concoctions here for all different ailments - I suggest trying one out while you peruse the rest of the book!

Rating:  7.5/10

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