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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Back in 1948, George Orwell wrote 1984, the dystopian Classic many still turn to today (especially this year) to try and understand what is happening to the world, or what could happen.

In a similar style, Unsung Stories, known for publishing literary and ambitious speculative fiction, has asked 11 writers to put their pens to paper (or fingers to keyboards) and write short stories predicting what they believe 2084 will look like. The stories are all being collected in an anthology titled, aptly, 2084.

Interested? Then you better head over here and check out the kickstarter page for the anthology! Unsung Stories are crowdfunding the project and have multiple levels of contribution, with different rewards. I am definitely thinking of helping out, and I thought I would spread the word!

For a better idea of what Unsung Stories publish, please see my review of Pseudotooth by Verity Holloway or check out the Unsung Stories website.

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