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Monday, January 23, 2017
Well hello! How are you? How was your new year's? Mine was quite lovely, thank you! Okay, now all of that is out of the way, you are probably wondering (or you might not be, I am not sure, I only have access to my own head) where I have been lately. Honestly, I didn't go anywhere. I have had access to a computer all of this time, and, while our internet has recently started going a little floopy (the last two weeks or so), I have still had the ability to write and post a blog post. I have actually started a couple before but never really got very far before I saved them and went to do something else.

Honestly, the end of last year was rough. There was so much happening (as you'll know from previous posts, if you look back a bit), and I just found myself getting sicker and sicker. The stress was building up and it was kind of like I forgot everything I had once learned about rest, self-compassion, and taking the time to look after myself so I could look after others. It felt like I couldn't see straight anymore, and I just kept pushing myself to do things, whilst steadily getting more and more upset and confused about how sick I was.

It was not a great time.

It had good moments, though. Christmas was lovely. My parents, who had just moved house then, came to Xin and my house and we had a gentle lunch and exchanged gifts. I was lucky enough to receive the following things during the Christmas period: bath bombs from a Secret Santa with my friends, a bath caddy (a thing you lay across your bath so you can read or watch things, or drink/eat things, whilst in the tub) from Xin, a gorgeous recycled backpack from my parents, and a cookbook and bookmark from my extended family's secret santa. I feel very lucky and grateful to receive so many wonderful things!

Anyway, by the time I reached New Year's Eve, I was kind of done with the way I had been handling things. I wanted to change things - try new things, and also return to some old things that I had temporarily forgotten about (temporary meaning a couple of years...). So I knocked together five basic resolutions/goals for myself for 2017 (more on them in another post, maybe), and then I just started doing them. Some I started even before 2017 was around.

And I am feeling better. I got hit with a bit of a bug last week, and my body isn't reacting too well to that, but overall I am feeling healthier and happier than I have in a long time. It has gotten me to a point where I am starting to consider other things I'd like to do, and that is exciting, but still a little nerve-wracking. I am hoping to resume book reviews on here soon - I already have two books I want to write about!

Ultimately, I am not really sure if anyone reads my blog. Still. And I am not sure if I want to turn it into something else. But I am going to keep moving forward, and try to keep posting. One post at a time. I hope, if you are reading this, that you will join me, and maybe consider commenting some time. I'd love to chat to some of you. I may even do a poll if I get enough interest, to see what people would like to see more of on this blog.

Anyway, love to all who read. 


  1. Hello!! I read! And I'm looking forward to wherever your blog takes you this year. <3


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