Tea Review: Love Tea from Lemon Canary

Monday, May 16, 2016
So, here's the deal. I love tea. I love how it can help with an upset tummy, soothe a sore throat, put you to sleep or pep you up. It can even just be a general calmer. 
In Tea Reviews I will give you a few details of the tea, an overall rating, and some thoughts. If you see something you like, I encourage you to go and try the tea yourself! I'll often try and let you know where you can buy it or provide a link.
(Psst! If you want me to review a specific tea, just comment and let me know! If you can provide a sample, that would be great too!)

Love Tea by Lemon Canary

Initial Thoughts: I am fascinated by Lemon Canary's entire line of teas, so a while back I ordered samples of two of her teas (along with samples of her candles, and of her perfumes... so grateful for samples!). Love was one of them, because I just really wanted to try the blend of this one. Let me just write out the ingredient list for you: organic black tea, organic rose petals, raspberry pieces, coconut, meringue drops, flavour. Aside from that 'flavour' at the end, I was pretty sold.

Taste: I tried this without milk/sugar, and then with, and I really recommend the latter. It does taste quite good without, but you can kind of sense that something is missing and the milk and sugar just make it taste really special. The taste is overall quite like a very gentle black tea, but a little floral, fruity, and quite sweet, too. I can't really taste the coconut at all, but there is a touch of the raspberry, and the meringue drops just dissolve leaving you with the sweetness (which I end up bulking up with extra sugar...). The rose petals complement the black tea really nicely. I really feel like this is a very special tea that you enjoy through scent as well as through taste.

Colour: Comes out as a rich golden yellow, with caramel undertones, before you add in your milk.

Recommendations and thoughts: I loved that the black tea was relatively minimal (of course this may have just been my sample) and the rose petals were quite large, so you could actually see the different ingredients. This tea is quite beautiful in leaf form, even, and I think that enhances the experience of making a pot.
I made mine with almond milk and I found that really lovely, the almond flavour just made this tea taste complete, but of course if you prefer a different milk then go for it! Coconut milk (the drinking kind, not the tinned kind for curries!) may work even better than almond milk.

Price: The sample pack (5g) I got was $2.35, but you can get a small pack (20g) for $7.95, and a large pack (80g) for $18.95. But check out Lemon Canary's website for more details!

P.S. Today represents 8 and a half years of Xin and I being together, so it seemed right to review some Love tea! :D

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