My intentions for 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

I have a bit of a problem with the word 'resolution'. It seems final and somewhat clinical to me, in a strange way. And the things that I want for myself, for my life, are ever-changing, ever-expanding. In light of this, I am going to write a simple list of intentions that I may update or change as time goes on, but will try to keep coming back to. I am working towards living a more simple life, it seems.

  1. Grow sunflowers (or some similar bright and cheerful flower).
  2. Buy less, make more.
  3. Slim down on my wardrobe (make do and mend; slowly acquire more wholehearted/mindful items).
  4. Return to a morning routine as often as needed.
  5. Write more love letters.
  6. Write things that make people feel cozy.
  7. Reduce so there are less decisions.
  8. Give more presents for no reason (also, stop relying so much on traditional present-giving times).
  9. "I give myself rest, generously, without skimping or making faces or saying things like "oh I have no idea why I'm so tired", because I know that rest is mine and it's how I take care of myself, and it doesn't need a reason".
  10. "I own very little, and love everything that I own."

You may notice that a few of those are very similar, but these are my intentions and they seem to want to overlap and be friends a bit, so that's just what I am going with. 
What else you may notice is that the last two intentions are in quotation marks - this is because I have stolen them from Havi, because she is much more eloquent and thoughtful than I am at times, and I felt that she had already written it in the best way. To read her original post where these can be found (at number 17 and 19 respectively), please head here.

I think I might try to write these up nicely (or try to find someone who would do it for me...) and stick them up around my home to remind me, because they feel glow-y and lovely and I want them in my space all the time. :)


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