Reading Plans June 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Since my experiment last month paid off so well, I thought I would give this another shot! Basically I will choose a few books off my shelf that have so far gone unread, and I will assign them to myself as required reading for the month. I think I will stick with the structure I put in place last month - two definites, and then any past that are just hopeful extras. These will be read in addition to any review reading or general reading I might like to do otherwise - in an effort to reduce my TBR one book at a time.

Here are the books for June:

South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami

This was a gift from some friends on one of my birthdays years ago and I still have yet to read it - which is as much of a shock to me as it might be to those who know me, and know how much I love Murakami's work. It is so delightfully weird. I had thought about trying to finish the mammoth of 1Q84 this month, but every time I try that book it just slowly beats me into the ground - it is my Everest. One day. For now, I would really like to read this one!
South of the Border, West of the Sun has an average star rating of 3.86 on goodreads.
To find more info, here is the goodreads link!

Under Wildwood by Colin Meloy (illustrations by Carson Ellis)

I originally bought this book in one of my favourite places in the world - Margaret River - and I bought it at the same time that I bought book one. And yet I read book one - Wildwood - and still have yet to pick this one up. I have to say that I wasn't completely in love with Wildwood - but I do think that it had promise, and I was really hoping that it would be picked up and improved upon in book two, so it is time to get to it and find out.
This trilogy is already complete, with Wildwood Imperium being the third and final book.
Under Wildwood has an average star rating of 3.90 on goodreads.
To find more info, here is the goodreads link!

And if I managed to finish those two, the next one I have added as a 'maybe-baby' option is...

Shinsengumi: The Shogun's Last Samurai Corps by Romulus Hillsborough

Okay this one might seem a bit left of field to those that don't know that I have a bit of an interest in the Shinsengumi, but let's just roll with it. I bought a copy of this years ago when I was deep in my obsession, and did try to read it then, but I was jumping around from thing to thing (as one sometimes does with reading) and found myself putting it down and then eventually putting it on my shelf, where it has languished for some time. I would really like to get this one read, as I believe that there are more opportunities now for researching this sort of thing, and I am very interested.
Under Wildwood has an average star rating of 3.84 on goodreads.
To find more info, here is the goodreads link!

If you would like to follow my progress on goodreads, please do find me here. I hope I have another good reading month!

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