Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tea Review: Green Tea in 3

So, here's the deal. I love tea. I love how it can help with an upset tummy, soothe a sore throat, put you to sleep or pep you up. It can even just be a general calmer. 
In Tea Reviews I will give you a few details of the tea, an overall rating, and some thoughts. If you see something you like, I encourage you to go and try the tea yourself! I'll often try and let you know where you can buy it or provide a link.
(Psst! If you want me to review a specific tea, just comment and let me know! If you can provide a sample, that would be great too!)

Green Tea in 3

Initial Thoughts: Fascinating and kind of fun product! I was intrigued by this after a friend tried it out, and then I started seeing it pop up in my instagram feed. Basically each sachet contains really ground up green tea (that's what I figure - it's really 'green tea extract', but I am confused as to the difference between the two) with fruit extract. It has three flavours - Peach, Blueberry, and Green Apple. 

Taste: I initially wondered if this would be too sweet or too bitter - green tea can sometimes make things taste wayyy too grassy for most people, and the addition of fruit can swing it over to the other side of things, making it so sweet you wonder how much sugar they put in, but this was the perfect flavour for me. Not too sweet, not too bitter. And all that's in it is 90% green tea, 10% fruit. Make green tea in three seconds... Are you intrigued yet?

Colour: Amber yellow.

Recommendations and thoughts: So far I have only had this cold, but it really is helping me drink more water. I would say that if you have a sensitive stomach, maybe balance it out by drinking normal water as well as tea, because it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming if you just keep making more and more green tea (as I did on my first day of trying these because it was delicious...). Also, I would recommend trying one of the sample packs first if you can (pictured above) so you can figure out what flavours you like and dislike (if any).

Price: I found the sample packs in a local health food store for $3.95 each (comes with a sachet of each flavour). Check the website for prices of bigger packs.

Next time... I have really been enjoying The English Tea Shop teas lately, so I would like to review one or two of them if I can!

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