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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I am a bit all over the place lately (please see last bajillion posts). I haven't been sleeping in my bedroom for about a week and a half now, because it is being renovated (we're nearly there!), but luckily I am sleeping in my own bed, just in a different room.
It's been an interesting experience, and one that I have enjoyed overall. I'm looking forward to being back in my own room, but I think I will always remember my little bedroom-move with fondness.
With all that has been happening and the large amount of stress and sickness coming my way, I have started to really invest in little rituals to keep myself grounded. I think I might have posted about having a morning routine before - it used to be much more elaborate and involved meditation and yoga and such - but now I have returned to the humble morning routine.
For quite a while my routine was to rise when I woke, and then assess the day and my symptoms while watching children's television in the family room. This served me well for some time and, while it wasn't exactly spiritually enlightening, it helped me to reconnect and start my day.
For the last few days my routine has started to fall into place. I have no idea if I will maintain it or not once I move back into my bedroom again (may happen this weekend - unsure), but I am enjoying it while it lasts.
I rise when I wake up, usually just in time to say goodbye to my parents as they head off to work. I then perform my ablutions (fun and private word, that one), and heat up my heatpack to put back in my bed (I often have stomach pain in the morning, and this helps). I then prepare some light breakfast - usually a piece of gluten-free toast and some blueberries - and a mug of tea with my pills, and return to bed.
Although I know I'm not supposed to, I invite Bronte up onto the bed with me (provided she is mostly clean and dry) and she finds a comfy spot (usually almost right in my lap) and settles down, quickly falling asleep and making little snuffly snores.
After that it kind of just happens as it needs to. One day I might read for a little bit while I eat my breakfast, and then fall asleep for a bit longer. Sometimes Bronte and I watch some My Little Pony on my tv (she actually does watch it with me for a while - she seems to like ponies.) or I will watch some YouTube videos and catch up on the emails and such that have come in overnight.
Either way, I take everything nice and slow. I seem to be returning to that sense of needing gentleness lately, and reminding myself of that. It really helps me to tune in to what is happening in my body and my mind, so I can look after myself better. I am lucky that I have the time to do so.
Do you have a morning routine that helps you start the day well?

Love to all who read.

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  1. My morning routine (which is not very routine at all) is to wake up and browse through my phone. Often I'll spend half an hour "waking up" (i.e. procrastinating) before getting out of bed, cleaning my room and dressing and then writing lines. I try to write for fifteen minutes, and forbid myself from leaving until they're done. Only then do I have breakfast and do whatever I need to.

    Of course all of this falls to pieces when I wake up at your house. It's just far too delicious to snuggle with you in the mornings, and I prefer to spend time with you rather than by myself writing! XD


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