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Sunday, September 7, 2014

I have been dealing with some rising anxieties of late. I have had trouble trying to figure out what is actually causing the anxiety, but it seems to be linked to my overall decrease in health of the last couple of months - and how that is limiting my ability to study this semester.
I have had so many communications with my current unit coordinators - and other people at my university, too - and while they have been extremely helpful, it is still not really the best situation for me, or for the teaching staff. I have been unable to turn up to class (aside from one in Week Two) since semester started, and one of my units grades on an assignment that is completed through receiving and offering feedback for your peers. There are a couple of other issues, too, and I just find myself longing for online classes.
To that end, I have started organising them for next year. While I am able to attend classes sometimes, it doesn't happen often, and I think I would do better on my assignments without the added stress and guilt of not being able to turn up.
And yet, I can't really do that with my current units.

I have been feeling a bit lost and frustrated in this whole endeavour, and that is a recurring theme for the past few weeks. I have lost track of whether I am getting sick and then stressed because I am sick, or if the stress is making me sicker (probably both).

Despite all this, I am doing my best to remain grounded. Uni is important to me, yes, but there are other things much more important. My health, for one. Love is important to me, and friendship, and family. And somewhere along the way, reading and writing became extremely important to me. More so than studying. 

This may be a difficult time for me, but it is contributing to my learning - about myself and what I want out of life. I will endeavour to update you guys on what is happening a bit more often :)


  1. I finally found my way to your blog :) I love the way you write and the lifestyle you have chosen. I'm so happy for you: not a lot of people have the ability to understand what they truly need in life ... I love to hear stories of people who go against the norm! Keep it up :)

    1. Hi Hanna! Thanks for reading and also for commenting! And also for your lovely words. It can be hard to remember why we do things, but little reminders like this are invaluable! Thank you! <3


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