Saturday, September 13, 2014

little pieces of poetry

I have thought about posting some of my poetry for a while now. It is just something that I enjoy writing, and I want to share it every now and then. So here are a couple I have written this year, with little explanations as needed.

[written the night before I had my operation]

there is this moment
where I want to disappear into you
so that I don't have to face tomorrow
I can just be a part of your
meditating on the sound of your
and forget that I have my own

[popped into my head one morning]

we, who are amputated at the hip,
feel each other still. 
Acutely and totally. 
Wondering at the absence of each other 
and trying to find the reason. 
But can there ever be
sufficient reason enough for our
We must continue on as our own person, 
no longer sharing life with another.

thoughts and feeling are welcome. love to all who read.

p.s. this is my own work. please don't reproduce without permission. :)


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