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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
I recently read a blog post by a dear human being (who goes by the name Transcendancing) with her to-do list. Within the post, she mentioned how much she loved seeing other people's to-do lists and leaving motivational comments and such. And I realised that I totally agree! I love seeing lists of many kinds on people's blogs - often because it makes me feel more organised by extension (or osmosis?).
I am having one of my not-so-well days (not as good as my really well days, and not nearly as bad as my euch no-outside-bed days), so I thought I would list a few things here, to make me feel more organised. By all means, comment below with your thoughts and suggestions (I can't promise I will take suggestions on board, but I like hearing from you!), or let me know what's on your list!

(Side-note: 'To-Do List' doesn't sound very good to me... perhaps I will come up with a new name for them sometime, like 'Active Items' or 'Sparkle Points to be Gained'!)


  • get back into the FODMAP diet - more recipes and more cooking will lead to more joy and commitment
  • go swimming! I miss it...
  • collect the piece of pottery I painted over three weeks ago...
  • get back to writing! (I took a few days off from it and haven't gone back yet.) find the joy in it again!
  • start learning about book proposals and such~

UNI To Do:
  • Unit Outline #2 - read and mark assessments in diary
  • get readings and start for next week~

WISHLIST (current):
  • AKMU Album - Play
  • G-Dragon Album - Heartbreaker
  • SHINee mini-albums that I don't have....



  1. I love the idea of a Sparkle Points to be Gained List.

    Ganbare baby! If you want to go swimming, just say the word. Wasn't there a plan to hit up Bayswater Waves at some point?

    1. Hee! That's kind of inspired by Havi from The Fluent Self - she gives herself Sparkle Points when she does stuff :D a thousand million sparkle points for getting dressed!

      Thanks baby! I really appreciate that. I love swimming so much. There was but not many people were that interested in going so I kind of dropped it! But I thought maybe we could go bowling sometime? :D

  2. Yay to-do list! Sorry it took me a month to get to reading it (my blog list has been languishing). Glad I inspired you and you have in turn reminded me! I shall have to post some time this weekend.

    1. Thank you for reading!! I'm glad you commented because I had already forgotten about this, too! XD


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