weekly glimpse #8

Sunday, February 2, 2014
my bag and little fox purse :3

currently reading: The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, The Undertaking of Lily Chen by Anica Novgorodoff.
watching: My Little Pony season four, and SHINee's One Fine Day (eee!)
food: Korean snack foods... Lunar New Year foods... euch I still feel full XD
drinking: water. lots of it.
writing: been looking back at stories I've started but not finished and thinking about working on a few of them :3 Also, other ideas are popping into my head...

general... (inspired by Havi)
the hard
: migraines. more. ick.
: huge depression and anxiety triggering this week with some work I was doing. needing to back out of said work because I don't want to end up on anti-depressants again. a breath for trying to choose what is right for you, even if it feels difficult.
: a perfect morning was a little ruined by the discovery of an almost-dead rat in the back garden. a breath for the suffering of the small animal, and a breath for the sadness.
: anxiety about travelling and what could go wrong. am not feeling it too acutely, but it's affecting my stomach and I am just trying to breathe through it!
: feeling lonely and slightly ignored around some friends earlier this week. a breath for letting your friends make new friends.

the good
: cleaning! ah the joy of decluttering things :D
: giving myself permission to buy new things for the trip (without going crazy). a breath for feeling more prepared.
: choosing the right thing for me and feeling supported in that choice. joy.
: time, finally, to just sit in bed and read a couple of times this week. a breath for joyous calm and the peace of my beautiful bedroom.

what i want for next week...
~ I feel secure and safe.
~ I am supported!
~ It is so wonderful that it turned out like this!
~ Love is everywhere.
~ This is leading me to the exact right thing for me.

mantra? I am safe, secure, and loved. I follow my intuition and feel the flow of the universe all around me and within me. I am content.

p.s. I have not made plans for my blog when I am away. There is nothing scheduled at this point, and I don't know whether I will be writing or posting or what. I hope so, but at the same time I'm okay with taking a break. I feel like I just need to take things as they come :) I will definitely be back in March though! :)

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