Valentine's Day 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014
I haven't written in some time because Japan has been taking up all of my energy - I've barely been in our accommodation except to sleep and bathe, and today is my first full day alone in the apartment in Tokyo. 
I'm not really sure how to continue, but I will do my best.
Japan is wonderful, but also challenging. My diet has basically been put on the shelf for now, as virtually everything has gluten and sugar in it, and many things have dairy. I've been coping so far, but my stomach and my skin are suffering somewhat. It's super cold here (it snowed a LOT yesterday) and you have to get used to the rapid temperature changes between the outside and inside, and to shivering a lot otherwise.

Now on to the main part of my blog.

Yesterday was Valentine's day, and I was excited about our plans for the day - the Ghibli Museum. Little did I know it was going to be an even bigger day than I'd thought. You see, it was snowing outside - everything was extremely beautiful. Craig had gone out to do some people-watching, and Xin and I were in the apartment cuddling and watching the snow. And then he surprised me by producing a couple of rings and asking me if I'd marry him.
It still feels a little strange - like it didn't actually happen. But there's the ring on my finger as I type this, and there's the memory in my mind still making me jittery and scatter-brained. And happy.

I think I need some more time to process this, but I am very happy nonetheless. Getting engaged in Japan? That's pretty freaking awesome. And to Xin? Wonderful.


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