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Monday, February 24, 2014
Being in Japan has allowed me time (in between adventuring) to think about my life and my part in it. Not often, you understand, but I have thought about it a bit.
My relationship with health is often tenuous at best, and I have realised from being on holiday that I am actually capable of going out much more than I generally do when at home. Of course, this may just be psychosomatic and my body is giving me a bit of a break while I'm away on holiday, but I have realised (more than before) that attitude is often everything.
I have still been getting regular stomach pain, and occasional bouts of dizziness and the odd migraine symptom, but I feel so much more capable of just dealing with them. And I don't even have that many support tools here as I do back home. For example, I have been missing my heatpack like crazy while I've been here. The comfort of heat is something that I can't even begin to relate if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I also realised while being here that I MISS my eating habits from home. As much as it has been awesome eating many different and often wonderful foods here, I miss things like raw chocolate, green juices (although I've managed to find a couple of juices here) and gf df food. We go to the odd vegan place while here, but they're often super far away or a bit hidden (or expensive). Being here has renewed my drive for places like Byron Bay, where I could probably eat raw and healthy for every single meal.

I have also had time to observe how I react to certain situations. It can sometimes be really hard to take a step back and ask why you're reacting to something in a certain way, and I find that often when I question my reaction, it's not because I have some innate and deep-seated moral difference to the situation, but because of something much more basic, like the fact that I'm quite hungry and cold and would dearly like to sit down and eat something. 

That's about all I wanted to say at this point. Have a couple of photos from our visit to Iga yesterday :)


  1. Hope you feel better sooon. It makes it so damn hard to travel :\ Next time I'm going to England I'm forking out enough so I can stay in a place where I can cook my own meals because it just got me SO down last time to rely on eating out and then feeling so ill afterwards most of the time.

    1. Thank you! I think it will just require going back to my usual eating habits (ie. much healthier) when I get home. We do have a little kitchen at the place we're staying, but I haven't had the energy to cook stuff. Thankfully my partner decided to make me some basic rice porridge with veges yesterday for lunch - my body was so happy! XD And then I went and had okonomiyaki for dinner and ruined it XD Only one more full day, anyway, and then back home, so I think I can survive til then.
      I think having a kitchen is definitely important when travelling, though. And I also try to plan ahead for flights when I can - ie. getting some trail mix and raw chocolate and my own tea bags so I can just ask for hot water, etc. My flights to Japan were the first time I'd done this and I was really happy I did. I think planning ahead is everything... I'm hoping to go to Byron Bay sometime so I can eat all the raw foods and stuff there.... XD


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