weekly glimpse #6

Sunday, January 19, 2014
the view while I was doing some writing early one morning this week :3

currently reading: well my reading has been a bit floopy this week, and I have been struggling through the last few books for the Aurealis Awards, but I will be finished with that very soon. and then I will officially start on my monthly challenge, and even (maybe) get to the very VERY attractive books sitting on my bookshelf! huzzah!
listening to: still loving all things g-dragon and SHINee. in fact, I now have folders for next semester with them on! so excite.
watching: haven't really been watching anything with any regularity... bit of HIMYM, some Disney movies, some Studio Ghibli movies. otherwise I'm working hard on not having the tv on as background noise.
food: this week wasn't really an 'OMG FOOD' kind of week. and by that I mean I wasn't fascinated with food and what I was going to eat. But I have been eating a LOT of blueberries.
drink: coconut water, fresh juice when I can get my hands on it.
writing?: euch. not so much.

general... (inspired by Havi)
the hard
: incessant migraine symptoms. just every. single. day. managed to rid myself of some of them as of yesterday because of going back to bed and sleeping them off, but they're still lurking a little.
: beginning to feel anxious about Japan. excited, yes, but there's a lot that I'm worried about happening. a breath for trying to let go.
: being unable to sleep some nights, and then having nightmares. not a nice combo.
: feeling pressured and confused about things happening right now. a breath for overwhelm.

the good
: getting stuff done! just all over the place - blog posts, reading, moving my room around, cleaning, shopping, organising things for Japan. just everything!
: being home. house-sitting was super fun, but I really wanted to connect with home before I went away. and I'm getting there :)
: Japan! In 17 days! AHHH. :D
: all the books looking so pretty on my bookshelf, just waiting to be read. ah the joy.
: new crystals. taking supplements. looking after myself as much as I can while still getting things done. crossing things off my 101 list. :)

what I want for next week...
~ reading time abounds (re-ask because...reading!)
~ oh my, the people in my life are the sweetest. (re-ask)
~ completely supporting and nourishing my body: physically, mentally, spiritually (re-ask)
~ it is so wonderful that it worked out like this!
~ I am feeling loved.

mantra? a variation on last week: I know what is true and right for me. I am healthy and healed, and I feel loved, capable, intelligent, and content. 

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