weekly glimpse #5

Sunday, January 12, 2014
Aoife (my blue dinosaur heatpack) was a constant companion this week...

currently reading: sttiiillll reading Scarlet when I can afford to tear my eyes away from Aurealis stuff, but down to just four books for that so will be free to read whatever very soon! :D
listening to: the click-click-click of a desk fan. a very determined grasshopper.
watching: whatever I feel like... Sex and the City, Cardcaptor Sakura, Almost Naked Animals and other children's tv shows.... Some Dylan Moran DVDs.
food: oh my goodness, there's this coconut icecream that's dairy free and soy free, and it's called So Delicious and we tried it in a flavour called Turtle Trails. Oh my. Yum. A bit expensive for me normally, but yuuuummmmm....
drink: good old water, coconut water, iced tea, some orange juice. and a lotttt of tea.
writing?: yeh. not so much.

general... (inspired by Havi)
the hard
: migraine of super amazing ow on Tuesday. Much of that day was dedicated to lying in bed and trying not to feel awful.
: holy PMS craziness, batman. for those who don't want to know about period math, skip to next point. for others who aren't as bothered - I skipped my period last month because it landed during christmas and I just couldn't deal with it at the time. And my next period (which I will be having) is next week. And oh my GOODNESS my body is letting me know it's going to be a crazy one. My skin has gone crazy, my mood is extremely fickle, and I am getting pains and discomforts like nobody's business. Plus - dizziness. All the time. And proper dizziness where I think I'm going to faint, not just feeling a bit odd. Blah. A breath for your body sending you BIG SHOUTING SIGNALS.
: probably because of the above PMS, I had a moment a couple of days ago where I just questioned EVERYTHING about my life and whether I was making the right choices and whether I'd ever 'amount to anything'. A breath for feeling misunderstood by YOURSELF... and really really lost.
: most likely because I was PMSing, I got irritated and demanding with Xin. I really don't like being like that, and it made everything ten times worse. I have been apologising a lot lately. A breath for feeling like you're not in control of your own body.

the good
: despite having a migraine on Tuesday and feeling fairly shoddy this week, I have been coping with needing to rest a lot better. I just take myself off to bed and rest, and, if I can, do things from bed. A happy sigh for feeling supported.
: I have been filling out my 2014 workbook and just feeling so happy and excited about the year to come. There will be some scary parts, yes, but I am feeling good.
: time with Xin (even when grumpy-faced) has been amazing. feeling happy and content.
: Japlanning! My trip to Japan is getting close now, and I am excite!
: receiving amazing gifts in the mail has been great this week. On Tuesday when I had my migraine, my dad kindly dropped off a package that had arrived for me - a teapot and two teacups I had ordered from T2. To my surprise, they had put in two extra cups and some samples, and a card from them. And then on Thursday I picked up another package from home, and it was two wonderful books from a friend, with a gorgeous card. Feeling spoiled and happy :)

what i want for next week...
~reading time abounds! (re-ask)
~oh my, the people in my life are the sweetest. (re-ask)
~completely supporting and nourishing my body: physically, mentally, spiritually.
~past-me is a genius!
~i feel so grounded.

mantra? going to stick with the one from last week, because it fits: I support my body, mind, and spirit without feeling pressured or flustered. I know what is true and right for me.

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