weekly glimpse #4

Sunday, January 5, 2014
taken in an alleyway in Subiaco 04/01/14

currently reading: still haven't finished Scarlet, but have needed to put it down to focus more on Aurealis Awards books (you'll notice in the sidebar on my blog that my progress bar has moved up!). Otherwise, reading the odd part of Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan by Lafcadio Hearn.
listening to: Xin play random games on PS3; the hum of the airconditioner; my fingers tapping away on these keys. Music? Loving Sherlock by SHINee (an old on but still awesome).
watching: The Legend of Korra; still re-watching Cardcaptor Sakura. Thinking about watching some other CLAMP stuff, but not sure as yet.
food: mochi. just finished my last one today (I actually gave it to Xin) and am now sad. More mochi?
drinking: delicious green tea sent to me by a friend, plus back on chamomile tea, too. Nom.
writing?: yeah.... no. Mostly writing a list of things to do in 2014.

general... (inspired by Havi)
the hard
: confronting some issues with needing to go out more than I want to. a breath for feeling pressured.
: massive confusion and frustration regarding Centrelink and things relating to that. trying to remain calm and collected despite feeling hurt and ignored.
: feeling like Centrelink are TRYING to make me slip up so they can cut off my payments, because of above. a breath for feeling trapped and dependent.
: falling asleep one day while feeling relatively fine, and then waking up a little while later feeling absolutely awful. not just physically, but emotionally. a breath for the body showing you when you need to take a step back.
: migraine symptoms. a breath for needing quiet.

the good
: I have been feeling really lovely this week, despite the above. a happy sigh for less symptoms coming up.
: going out and doing stuff! seeing friends! making brunch! many wins.
: I have a new mug which has a bear on it and a matching bear spoon that holds onto the mug with his bear hands. His name is Bertie.
: exercise! I am still getting it! walking and yoga and a bit of training with Xin here and there. fresh air is helping, too.
: having a new morning routine where I write down my three MITs (most important tasks) and an affirmation for the day. it is making me feel grounded and more capable. :)

what I want for next week....
~reading time abounds! (re-ask)
~eating foods that support my body and make me feel good (re-ask)
~I am gentle and loving with my body.
~it is so wonderful that this worked out!
~oh my, the people in my life are the sweetest. (this is true)
~I am feeling so prepared for Japan now!

mantra? I support my body, mind, and spirit without feeling pressured or flustered. I know what is true and right for me.

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