101 things in 2014.

Friday, January 17, 2014
I have been trying to finish this list for about a month or so, but I didn't want to rush it as I wanted this list to be stuff that I really want to do this year. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't complete everything on this list, they're just things that appeal to me right now - and that might change, or not be possible. I wanted to put them up on my blog to make myself a little more accountable - ie. so I actually try to DO the stuff on the list. There are a lot of awesome things!
Also, occasionally you will come across an item within the list that is just marked as personal - there aren't many, but there are a few. These are just ones I want to keep to myself. :)
Okay! Onto the list! By the way, this list is from the lovely workbook created by Leonie Dawson.

1. learn a bit of fire-bending (ie. Nothern Shaolin style) [started! Xin is helping]
2. learn a Kpop dance routine.
3. attend 3 yoga classes.
4. get a massage.
5. start swimming laps - do laps 4 times.
6. get my heels on the floor in ado mukha svanasana (downward-facing dog).
7. develop a regular bedtime. [working on it...]
8. learn enough Japanese to follow what's happening in a Cardcaptor Sakura episode without subtitles.
9. learn to play my drum well.
10. write a book of haiku.
11. find paid writing or reading work.
12. get a totem or painting done of one of my spirit animals.
13. update my birthday book.
14. give six unexpected presents.
15. send at least one letter or postcard per month.
16. join a book club. 
17. spend a day with Xin in the Swan Valley.
18. have a birth-month.
19. obtain the perfect piece of smokey quartz.
20. obtain the original CCS manga in Japanese.
21. read/watch two other CLAMP series.
22. blog about my reading month ala Nick Hornby.
23. plan for uni assignments at least two weeks in advance.
24. see my cousins and my Nana more often than once a year.
25. have at least one day per week where I rest and reconnect.
26. read 'writing a book and getting it published for dummies'.
27. learn how to submit a book proposal.
28. read 3 auto/biographies.
29. resume my bard lessons.
30. have at least 2 writer's dates (alone!)
31. get a food allergy test.
32. create a Singapore/MR photobook.
33. create a Japan photobook.
34. write another novel.
35. take part in another NaNoWriMo.
36. reorganise study shelves (post-Aurealis Awards).
37. attend an archery class or session.
38. learn three different, new origami shapes.
39. do some volunteer work.
40. finish Okami on the PS2.
41. organise a 2014 book challenge. [done! you can see the post here, and I will update as I go!]
42. personal
43. personall.
44. have a plushie made for me via commission (etsy?)
46. cosplay Li Syaoran!
47. visit the beach at least six times.
48. learn 20 kanji.
49. learn how to look after my car from my dad.
50. watch all the unwatched DVDs on my shelf, or donate them.
51. read at least 7 TBR Jar books.
52. visit temple?
53. attend a Kpop or Jpop concert?
54. look after my feet at least once per week.
55. always make baths luxurious.
56. write about my experience with pain and sickness and the lessons I've learned.
57. read Maus.
58. take myself on a solo date.
59. climb a tree!
60. walk a small part of the Bibbulman Track.
61. get a notebook or folder and organise my stories!
62. join or create a writer's group.  [a friend actually asked me if I'd be interested, so I said HELL YES.]
63. complete two more Professor Layton games.
64. have a gaming night (or two!).
65. go bowling with Xin.
66. engage with people at uni more - make friends!
67. do another tea/book swap with Katharine!
68. read an informative/uplifting book on friendship/relationships.
69. have nourishing relationships (this means: work on existing ones and/or make new ones)
70. personalll.
71. stop putting TV on as background noise all the time. [working on this already.]
72. be truly alone with myself more often.
73. clear out my glory box.
74. obtain three new (to me) records.
75. figure out how to attach headphones to my record player.
76. obtain two more Kpop/Jpop CDs/albums.
77. find another anime/manga to adore.
78. get a tattoo?
79. read three graphic novels that aren't manga or Marvel/DC comics.
80. spend more time with my brother.
81. find a new Asian drama to love.
82. watch/read North and South.
83. start saving for another trip, or to move out.
84. read The Velveteen Rabbit.
85. work out the best time of day for me to work (and do it!).
86. obtain a beautiful picnic blanket.
87. obtain tibetan prayer flags.
88. learn more about editing and how to be effective at it.
89. purchase three items of clothing made from natural, organic fibres.
90. do some algebra!
91. get some more pillows for my bedroom (including a floor pillow for gaming!)
92. write four releasing letters.
93. grow aloe vera in a pot.
94. purge my wardrobe. [done and done! two days of feeling the need to get rid of a load of stuff, and I am feeling awesome about it!]
95. go see turtles at the zoo :D
96. invest in a protective sunhat or dye my current one :3
97. find a beautiful crystal pendant necklace.
98. watch as many Studio Ghibli films as I can. [so far I've added Porco Rosso and Kiki's Delivery Service to my 'watched' list, alone with Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke (although I may rewatch this one), Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, Spirited Away, and Grave of the Fireflies. I think that's it so far...]
99. cleanse my face every day. [I just have never gotten into the habit of this, BUT I now have a gorgeous cleanser, toner, and moisturiser so I am making progress!]
100. do something to help save the bees.
101. go on a meditation retreat (self-designed or otherwise).

As you may have noticed, I've actually already done a few of these! I will update each month on whether I've made any progress - obviously some of these things are over a certain amount of time, while others have specific limits. I think from now on bold text will mean an item that is still going on.

What do you want to do in 2014? Have you written a list or are you going to wing it? :D

EDIT ONE: 24/03/14 - a few more items completed.


  1. What a list!! Such great items on it and I'm looking forward to reading about your progress :) My draft for this year's theme is in the works, but I haven't posted it yet - soon!

    1. Thank you!! I am excited about this, so it's great to have some support! :D
      I loved reading your blog - I don't always comment, but it inspires me often!


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