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Sunday, December 15, 2013
gin and tonic on a Friday night~

currently reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
listening to: 12 Zodiacs by Leehom Wang & 1mm by Perfume
watching: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book of Fire.
food: mango
drink: hydration central! tea, coconut water, normal water...
writing?: an article for someone, constructing a new story in my mind...

general... (inspired by Havi)
the hard 
: feeling flustered about an appointment coming next week, and all the emotions that come along with that expectation/dread.
: I felt tired all week this week. Naps slowly crawled back into my daily routine, and I'd still sleep about 9 hours each night. Obviously my body needed to heal from something.
: persistent migraine symptoms which made me feel absolutely wretched.
: desperately wanting gentle den time to make up for how busy I was last week. This might also explain the tiredness...
: being absolutely entrenched in my stuff on Wednesnight. a breath for feeling lost and emotionally frozen.

the good
: getting stuff done during the week - even if it was just doing the dishwasher or hanging out washing, I got stuff done! achievement!
: finally resuming my Japanese revision, and really enjoying it. I love speaking in Japanese, despite feeling super shy about speaking it to an actual Japanese person O_o
: the book I've been reading this week is amazing. I have stayed up a bit later than usual some nights just to read more. delight.
: my new candle smells of orange peel and is just so beautiful and somehow Christmassy. I love it.
: on that note, holiday happiness! wrapping presents and decorating our new (half-the-size-of-our-old-one) Christmas tree and baking gf vegan gingerbread cookies for the first time. bliss.

what I want for next week...
~the strength to ask the questions I need to as a professional patient
~reading time abounds!
~gentle reconnection with my purpose
~I remember now about how I am so loved!

mantra? I choose what is best for my body, regardless of outside influence.


  1. A professional patient! What a curious idea. What is the role of a patient, and how can it be performed professionally? Seriously, do you think you could answer me, or write a blog post about it?

    Love you baby.

    1. I guess because it takes up so much of my life that sometimes it feels like a career, something that I have to learn new things for, adapt to, meet new people for.... I might write a blog post about it once I've thought about it a bit more! XD I love you.


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