weekly glimpse #3

Sunday, December 29, 2013
lunch one day this week - baked potatoes (sweet and normal) with sauteed mushrooms and spinach. YUM.

currently reading: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (Book Two in the Lunar Chronicles)
listening to: Xin laugh and exclaim while watching Predator with wireless headphones on. The rumble of the air-conditioner.
watching: aside from the odd bit of Predator right now, I've been rewatching Cardcaptors for about the 8th time. Yes, I love it that much. All CCS merchandise welcome here :P
food: breakfast today - two pieces of gf toast with organic peanut butter, handful of blueberries and half a glass of almond milk. Delicious.
writing?: honestly not much at all lately. it is beginning to bother me. but much reading getting done!

general... (inspired by Havi)
the hard
: coping with symptoms while away from home (note: I have been housesitting this week, looking after two lovely kitties. check my instagram if you want to see many photos of cats. XD)
: not sleeping very well because of cats meowing and attacking the bedroom door... having to get up to spray said cats with water so they go away for awhile...
: feeling super tired during the day because of the above, so being a bit grumpy with people around me... feeling guilt because of that. a breath for needing time to rest.
: finding out that Centrelink wanted me to report on a different, much earlier day too late and now having to worry about money being cut off. a breath for feeling financially insecure and worthless.
: realising that I haven't been writing in over two weeks and feeling frustrated and hurt by my own issues. a breath for needing to confront yourself.

the good
: cats! I forgot how much I missed having cats. and getting to meet a friend's kitten shortly before cat-sitting was so lovely, too. A week of kittehs!
: despite feeling unwell, I have been feeling better overall. a breath for movement and trust.
: exercise! I have been getting it! The house we have been looking after is really close to some shops, so we've been walking there instead of driving, and I have been doing yoga every day as well. :)
: despite not writing this week, I have been loving reading and being gentle with myself. watching CCS has been great and really uplifting, and the book I got for Christmas from my parents was read in one day. a smile for feeling happy and relaxed.
: time with Xin! we have watched movies (Hellboy 2, The Hobbit) and done grocery shopping together and just generally been enjoying each other's company. a smile for feeling happy and supported.
: bonus point - time with family and friends! I have had a lovely week seeing family and friends, and playing many board games and video games and just generally feeling happy to be around my loved ones. a breath for knowing your place in the world.

what i want for next week...
~gentle easing back into life at home - zero cats, but time with my gorgeous Bronte!
~time writing; finding inspiration for writing (anyone know good books or guides that made you feel inspired to write? please share below!)
~time spent rediscovering the magic. joy.
~reading time abounds! (re-ask)
~eating foods that support my body and make me feel good.

mantra? I feel relaxed and capable. All is supporting me.

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