Sunday, November 24, 2013
I just read this:

and then I looked at this:

and now I am thoughtful. I love the story of The Snow Queen - as mentioned in the above link, it's an amazing story filled with impressive characters - and I am confused as to why Disney felt the need to change the story so much. I have seen film adaptations of The Snow Queen, and it translates really well to the screen, and I think Disney could have done a lot here.

I am not planning to avoid the film at this point, I am just thoughtful as to the reasons behind all the changes. Anyone else want to share how they feel about this?

Love to all who read.


  1. I'm excited! You know, Disney has fundamentally changed many fantastic stories, but they've created so many masterpieces that carve places into the hearts of children and adults alike. I'm going to watch it and see if I enjoy it independently of its origins.

    1. Definitely. I kind of have a similar attitude to movies based on books or comics - I suspend belief and relation to the original while I watch, and then decide if I like it independently or not :)


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