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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Beautiful lavender with busy bees~

Wisteria! I seem to have a general adoration for all purple flowers, and I especially love the scent of lavender and wisteria (and yes, that's jacaranda in the background! eee!)

A blinding dog naps in a rainbow sunbeam...

My beautiful new bag that arrived in the post from bookhou :D

The above images are just from yesterday - little moments of joy that I thought I'd share with you.
The other thing that came across my desk yesterday was a rewrite of a well-known saying - sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Here it is for you to consider:
sticks and stones are hard on bones
when thrown with hateful art
and words can sting like anything
but silence breaks the heart
(written by Phyllis McGinley)


  1. It fills me with so much joy to see the snapshots of your day, and also to watch TFiOS video! Thank you for sharing. I hope you make more posts like this!

    1. Thanks! It's fun to take a moment to observe the flowers and such. Spring is coming! :D


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