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Wednesday, August 7, 2013
my glorious study

As there are quite a few things happening right now, I haven't really had time to get my brain into 'writing a blog post' mode. Mostly it's in 'need to be reading and studying' mode as I am now back at Uni and also receiving a load of books to judge for the Aurealis Awards! Most of my spare moments are spent reading right now XD

Though, if anyone could do this job, I reckon it's me. Loads of books delivered straight to me? Spending most of my time reading? Being organised enough to take notes on each book? Oh yeah. I'm there.

In the interest of sharing a few things that have made me super happy lately, I thought I'd do a quick post for you guys with some links! Won't that be fun? Yes. Yes it will.

To start with, I'm going to help you to experience the same excitement I do about the Aurealis Awards by providing you with the links and info all about the awards! Wooooo! Book partyyyy. :D Just head here: and have a click around if you so choose!

Videos I am loving this week...

Ryan Higa as Naruto? In Japan? Awesome.

Joss Whedon takes on Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing? Heck yes!!

And that's all for now! As I need to go do some study... Love to all who read. :)

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