Tea Party Discussion: April 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
TeaCup from T2, Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower teabags a gift.

Hello lovelies! I thought I'd do a little round-up post for the end of the month, so that you can see what I've done, a few things I've been reading, and what I'm grateful for!
Won't you stay for some tea?
>offers cup< Sugar? One lump or two?

what i've been up to this month:
in a post about a week including a beautiful trip to Margaret River, I write about what I discovered in: this week sum-uppance,
I reviewed four books this month!: 1234
I reviewed Sakura Latte here! - a different kind of tea from Japan.
I wrote my first post (may be several under this name) on wellbeing vs withdrawing.
And, finally, Butterfly Elephant got it's own Facebook page! Yay!

what else i'm reading...
I have always adored reading Havi Brooks' blog The Fluent Self, but I especially loved this post - a Friday Chicken all about strengthening the sparkle!

I loved almost every single link in this post by Gala Darling - she has such a wonderful, approachable way of writing!

And this post by Jenn Gibson of Roots of She spoke to me so beautifully.

what i have been grateful for this month...
naps in the sunshine, Xin's kind, optimistic words when I felt like everything was too hard, having amazing, gorgeous books to turn to when I was feeling a bit rundown and out of touch with myself, presents from Past-Me arriving in the mail! Time and support from the people I count among my closest loves. Surprise presents from my gorgeous best friend! Letting go of guilt, and remembering that I may always have to relearn certain lessons. And that's okay.

hopes and dreams for next month!
Focus. Play. Giving myself as much rest as I need. Creative expression. Let's make this a MAGICAL MAY.

And that's all, my dears! Til next month! >tea wave< (that's a wave with your pinkie finger while holding a tea cup!)


  1. Did you learn the tea-wave from Nigella? It sounds like something she would do!

    Also... Presents from past you are the best! Time-travelling presents!

    1. Nope! Its something I created for this post :)

      I agree! So lovely :)


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