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Saturday, April 6, 2013
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this week has been really interesting, and I feel like I've had a few breakthroughs, but also a few setbacks. I think what makes it such a good week is that I've noticed these things, too.

not-so-nice stuff

  • I had a kinda-sorta moment of almost-anxiety attack, and that was hard. it lead to a lot of negative emotion and just BHrgajfaslljbsdfhabrahh (the only way I can describe it currently) which I felt I couldn't get out of and that was really uncomfortable.
  • taking out said frustration on Xin and feeling even worse
  • super major skin attack of attackiness
  • super major hair attack of frizziness
  • fibromyalgia increase. ick.
  • questioning motives and drive and future. very sad time.

nice stuff
  • celebrating April 1st as Sakura Kinomoto's birthday instead of April Fool's Day. Lovely times of watching the second Cardaptors movie with Xin while sipping Sakura Latte and wearing my Sakura dressing gown.
  • Amazing time away from home in Margaret River, experiencing nature and rejuvenation and eating SO MUCH YUMMY FOOD and generally just feeling reconnected and calm
  • STILL enjoying study
  • current book giving me so many ideas for writing and reading in the future (will probably post a review later on!)
  • beautiful and funny videos on YouTube by Jenna Marbles and Bunny (grav3yardgirl)
  • New anime series! :D Been so long.
  • lots of exciting things that I plan to do, and new developments to put in to practice

what could I do better next week?
I feel I need a bit more connection with myself: meditation, journalling, generally trying to think straighter (pretty hard sometimes). more living in the present moment.
I also think healthier behaviours are required - healthier diet, more regular sleep, more exercise.

what superpower would I like?
The superpower of boundaries - not just with relationships, but also with myself. Knowing when I need to take time out for myself, and not feeling guilty for needing to ask for that. :)

how was your week? what could you do better next week, or what superpower would you like to have?

love to all who read.


  1. I'm not too sure what superpowers refers to, but I would still find it pretty nifty to be able to move things with my mind telekinetically!

    Actually I think my tastes are maturing. Rather than using it to dominate, I think I'd use it to help. Maybe remote controlling nuclear waste or something useful like that. Does that count? <3

    1. They all sound wonderful :) I believe the 'superpowers' I was referring too, though, are ones that you can cultivate yourself to help you tackle your week. Such as mine on boundaries, or perhaps one for listening, or observing. But any superpower is wonderful :D


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