Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A lot of my reading lately has been leading me to subjects of a similar ilk. Keywords that I come across often include: vulnerability, contentment, acceptance, mindfulness, and impermanence.
When I read about these things, a gentle feeling comes across me, as if I have been robed with a soft, white blanket (for some reason in my head, it is white). I am simultaneously comforted and somewhat nervous, but calm. The anxiety I experience is barely even that - just the lightest of tremors within me that indicate either excitement or some small feeling of dread.
And yet the things I am reading give me such an immeasurable sense of calm. As if by accepting life as impermanent, and myself as vulnerable and insecure, I am taking down all those walls of perceived 'security' and 'permanency' and welcoming in connection and joy.

Ironically, even these feelings are quite impermanent. But right now, I'm okay with that.


  1. I really love your choice of picture with each post, though I find it a little hard to read the small font <3

    1. Thanks baby!!
      Yes I agree. Methinks some recalibrating is in order. I will see what I can do <3


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