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Monday, January 21, 2013

thing one : beauty and love for future me
with this ask, I want future me to feel safe, loved, and supported. 
I don't feel that I need this to come from outside sources, so I have been preparing for this for a couple of weeks.
I can tell that my body (and emotions, most likely) are going to go through a bit of hardship  in the coming weeks - and I will also be called upon to be strong and stay true during some things that may be a bit demanding on me.
I want to be able to remain in a state of mind of positivity and calm, and to remember my inner loveliness and joy even during hard times.

how I could do this?
gifts for future me are on their way in the mail (extra gifty because getting mail + getting gifts = double surprise and joy). gifts were bought today for future me to enjoy - books and a new game of adorableness.
learning new ways to support my immune system - essential oils, massages, new recipes filled with beautiful wholefoods.
time with gorgeous people is being planned, and time for myself as well.
dreams are being remembered and gently encouraged. joy!

i'm playing with...
being comfortable. supporting me. love love love.

for now, that's all that I ask. if you feel like joining in, please write in the comments below something that you are wishing for - whether something you can physically hold or purchase, or something that is emotional or experiential. 

love to all who read!


  1. I wish for peace of mind and joy of heart. Just putting it out to the universe <3

    1. What a wonderful wish to wish! I hope the Universe provides <3

  2. I am wishing for an ease filled and short process for finding a nice beginning contract to get me started here in Melbourne. Ideally, I wish for this to be an introduction to greater skills grounding as a BA.

    Also, I am thinking of you *loves*

    1. That is a great wish - well done on putting it in to words!

      Am thinking of you too. I received a postcard from you recently! Thank you so much <3


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