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Thursday, September 27, 2012
Back when I was in high school, a dear close friend of mine and I spent a lot of time together. Basically every day after school we were at her house or at mine, and most weekend we spent time together or talked in some way or another. We were pretty close :)
Basically, when we had school breaks or long weekends, we used to have these days we called 'slob days' where we would spend time just at one of our houses watching movies, eating junk food, and generally spending time resting and being together.
It occurs to me now that, back then, I had no idea that I was getting sicker each day. I used to wonder why, on these days, when my friend and our other close friend decided they wanted to play frisbee or soccer, I would feel wrong for not wanting to do the same, for feeling absolutely beyond being able to do more than get up to get myself a drink. I would feel like I was letting down my friends by not wanting to be active.
It's only now that I realise that, not only was my health affecting my desire to be active, it also came down to my personal choice - what I actually wanted to do was read, or rest - more low key things. It doesn't mean I don't like exercise and fresh air, it just meant I didn't feel the need to run around a lot :P

Today, I am having a slob day. My body has been so good to me this week - and I've been trying to return the favour. I have been eating as well as I can, and aiming to put only good things into my body. I have been trying to sleep at reasonable times (proving a little difficult, but I'm getting there!), and moving my body through some yoga poses and walking when possible. Today, however, I woke up and realised my body desperately needed a day of rest.

To start with, I wanted to fight it. 'I have things I want to do!' and 'But I've been going so well this week!' were predominant thoughts in my head. I also began to worry about how long this malaise would last - I have plans tomorrow which I'd really rather not miss.

That's when I stopped. My body was asking for rest - how hard would it be to provide that? And be super comfortable while doing so?

I guess what I'm saying here is that, it may be easier sometimes to listen to our body rather than railing against what has already happened.


  1. This blog post made me smile. It was cleverly written and full of humility and wisdom. A great article, worthy of publishing by my standards.


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