Friday Chicken: I want more icecream.

Friday, September 7, 2012
My thoughts are moving a bit slowly, so apologies if things don't make a lot of sense!

Thanks, as always, go to Havi Brooks of Fluent Self for this wonderful ritual.

bad stuff.
Not having a lot to do and feeling sick a lot tend to lead to feeling a bit useless, then feeling panicky. Not fun.

never fun.

a bit in myself, a bit in others, a bit in general.

finding walls.
that I thought were gone. and yet they're here.
and not knowing what to do with the walls.

missing a couple of people.
that I don't contact with any regularity anymore. and trying to be okay with the missing.

mostly last night. leading to feeling horrible.

being unsure.
silent retreat.

good stuff.
and enjoying it more.

she's amazing and fun and kind of adorable.
also a bit irritating at times, but still adorable. XD

books, magazines and emails. oh my.
so much reading. glorious reading.

yes yes yum yum. :D

oh. love. and so many thankyous from me.

not so much with other people, but with myself and my dreams.

I feel a bit odd about writing anymore on this. So I'm going to go back to sitting in bed thinking... and eating ice cream.
Love to all who read.

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