deskchair musings: and a friday chicken. belated edition.

Sunday, September 23, 2012
Today's musings come courtesy of Xin's house, where I am currently resting. I have had a nearly a full week without his lovely company, and am doing my best to be a comforting girlfriend now that he has returned. Let's see how I went...

the bad stuff.
the cycle of doom.
it returned. at a point where I was feeling quite low and vulnerable already. not fun. especially since I had thought I'd moved past it.

alone in the loneliness.
bah. humbuggle.

there was a bit of it this week.

blocks and unhelpful thoughts.
they were there. My monster chorus was in full swing at some points. they keep trying to beat me down.

hesitation and second-guessing.
I do not like these things.

the good stuff.
watching ALL the things!
oh my, there was so much watching of stuff this week. My first (official) collection of cardcaptor sakura was knocked off first, then an awesome new anime was introduced to me by my cousin, and I polished off the first collection of that too [it's called Blue Exorcist by the way]. Then, live action Hanazakori no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi - also courtesy of my cousin) led me back to my true love of asian drama! (DORAMAAA~) and introduced me to a new Japanese actor whom I ADORE now. love love love.
Finally, tried Game of Thrones, and I'm afraid I'm not sure it's my cup of tea at this point in time. *sips tea* but maybe in the future.
FINALLY finally, started watching the following: Sherlock (zomg it's everything they said it would be), live action Hana Yori Dango (he does terrible things to you and then he loves you... ahhhh what now.), and Galileo (jdrama of pretty awesome~). Also still dabbling in New Girl. so, yes, ALL the watching of things.

I AM BACK. I am resuming study. And I am LOVING it.

some writings were done.
and they were enjoyed :D

seeing old friends and chatting and cuddles and yay! these are what all good friendships are made of.

as regular readers know, I LOVE MAIL. and now I have a new scarf, cotton dress, nailpolish of less-carcinogen awesome, and my parents got presents too! joy. plus - I sponsored a cow called Micaley and I received a photo of her and she's SO BEAUTIFUL YOU GUYS. I may have to show you.

Bronte was Miss-I-Want-To-Sleep-On-You this week. I'll post some photos from that after this... Needless to say, it was so cute and SO appreciated. :)

and it is all wonderful and shiny again. but I proved that I am independent and CAN DO STUFF. yay me :D

I have one mere musing for you to finish on. I have often thought that I am part of a (relatively) small part of the population classified as Highly Sensitive (look for Elaine Aron's work if you aren't familiar). And I have noticed recently that my emotions can be stirred SO easily. But I'm also getting better at noticing that I can ride them out without ALL THE BAD THINGS happening.
Particularly, my emotions are stirred by music. SO VERY STIRRED. If I hear an upset song, I get upset. It seems logical but it kind of isn't. Because most people can be affected by music - they can notice it's a sad song and be sad, but once song is over, they're fine! For me, it feels different. Like the song takes up residence in my heart and my mind, and I start seeing the world through song-coloured goggles.

Anyway, I'm going to do some more Japanese study before bed.
Love to all who read <3 p="p">


  1. Bahahaha, sipping tea like Dazey. Wonderful to hear baby. Maybe I could read some of the stuff you've written? <3

    1. You know me too well ^_~ :P
      Of course! You only have to ask <3


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