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Thursday, September 27, 2012
On days like today, when I'm essentially left alone with my own mind for almost the entire day, things can get pretty heavy.
My ability to write is limited - as is my ability to read - by my exacerbated condition. Concentration becomes a thing of the past, words swim before my eyes in a frustratingly unreachable manner, and my head and eyes ache like nobody's business.
As you can probably tell, my options become extremely limited. Watching tv is generally a good past-time - particularly random television, not things I truly want to watch, as my concentration and enjoyment of them is far reduced.
So, my final resort, actual thinking :P
I often think about my dreams and whether I can really do what I want to. I haven't worked on a story for a few days.
Honestly though, thinking about it at times like this is kind of fruitless. How can I possibly imagine a positive future when I am in a state of being unable to even write this blog post to my satisfaction?

You always have to remember - perhaps tomorrow when I get up, everything will be lighter and brighter and I'll feel more capable. I'm not going to give up on at least TRYING for my dreams.

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