Friday Chicken: on time!

Friday, August 31, 2012
We are chickening! :D Thank you Thank you Thank you to Havi of Fluent Self for creating a beautiful thing for checking-in ^_~

the hard stuff.
I had a few things looming over my head this week. Making me feel all icky and like I couldn't relax. No fun.

had a little fainting spell last Saturday - made for severe discomfort and blah. luckily had three supportive peoples around me :)

I bought a teacup and then found out it had a huge crack that leaked! D:

two people I really care about were in (separate) car crashes. Both are fine, but shaken. Desperately wanting to send waves of love and support to both of them.

having to confront a few awkward and potentially live-altering things this week.

the good stuff.
changes! of goodness!
things appear to be moving forward and that equals yay!

I has a MacBook Air :D it is lovely and lovable and makes me feel like I'm moving forward. (silent retreat on more details here)

oh my goodness I have SO MUCH to read. at times this is daunting but mostly I'm just dancing and then reading. and then dancing while reading. because BOOKS.

time with people.
WOW last weekend was so lovely. time with Cake (super secret nickname for two lovely brothers which is not so secret) shopping and trying not to faint (hee), and then beautiful breakfast double date on Sunday! in lovely cafe! WITH TOAST AND JAM. nom.

delicious noms.
have been eating quite well this week. and having green smoothies! which equals balance and calm. and yum. so yay!

have just been feeling much more calm and content with everything this week. putting good wishes out there, thinking up affirmations, feeling comfortable in my own skin and with my own personality and spirit. being my own best friend. it's lovely.

almost-spring cleaning!
cleaned out ALL my clothes yesterday and got rid of SO MUCH. feels amazing. most will be donated, but we may have a garage sale soon so woot! :D also, now has MacBook, thinking of selling old laptop and slightly-less-old netbook. :3

just yay.
this week feels like it's been a good one. a lot less bad, and then a lot more good! yay.

Tiny VPA
just going to put this wish out there. I have been feeling like my room needs a little something for more peacefulness (and all the cleaning out is helping with that), but there is something that I would really like and have yet to buy for myself. I just want to put the wish out there to the universe so that I might be provided with a Willow Tree figure. I feel a little materialistic and odd about asking for this, but they are such beautiful expressions of emotion.
I will show you how beautiful:,default,pd.html?start=42&cgid=901002001&brandId=WT,default,pd.html?start=69&cgid=901002001&brandId=WT

there are so many others, but I love these two a lot. they just make me feel so...light and lovely.

anyway. putting the wish out there. I will hopefully budget to buy one for myself sometime.

love to all who read!

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