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Sunday, July 22, 2012
This is about being okay with the want.
And this is fine. This is where I make the space that I need to ask the Universe to provide certain things, if at all possible. This is where we make ze magicks.
Thanks always goes to Havi Brooks of The Fluent Self Blog for coming up with beautiful rituals for self-expression.

thing one: blankets
I have been in dire need of blanket-y goodness lately. For my bed (I get damn cold), and also for the back of my car and my dad's car (for protection and general awesome).

I've been thinking these could come to me via op-shops, but I'm definitely thinking something cheap or (if possible) free. Just putting the ask out there.

thing two: clarity
I realise I ask for this a lot in VPAs... I tend to go through a lot of problems where I analyse and analyse, but I just can't seem to come up with the real and true reason why something is happening/bothering me.
And there is a situation that has been going round and round lately and I need to stop the cycle of draining. It's too much and I end up deeply hurt and confused each time it turns. Something has got to give here.

I'm not sure how this could happen, but I have an idea of how to make a move forward (silent retreat on that). Gentle friendship and warm fuzzies would help.

thing three: connection
because of the above situation, I have been particularly wary and confused when it comes to friendship and connecting with people lately. (Though, granted, I think I've had a bit of trouble trusting people for some time now.)
I would like to move through this and have some gentle catch-ups with lovely people. There are quite a few of these people in my life, but it takes a specific mix of courage, love, and wellness before I am able to set things up.

I'm not sure how this could work, but I am sending loving wishes out there to the relevant people. I think I might send some letters. (ps: I love receiving mail!!)

thing four: learning
I am in a place of learning more about  a topic very close to my heart: Buddhism. And I want to find books and resources that I can use for this study.

I'll play with meditation and some research, and see what I come up with <3

updates since last time
Well, first I wanted flowww so I could move through my Uni work, and I managed to get that! I felt fairly okay moving through things at my own pace.
Secondly, I wanted clarity. Obviously I am re-asking that, but with that particular problem I think I've moved forward.
Thirdly, I had a problem on which I called silent retreat, and...I can't actually remember what that was. But I'm feeling a lot better about it, so yay for moving forward!

Love to all who read <3

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  1. *loves* Thinking of you and wishing you well with your asks. You've reminded me that it's important to practise the asking and I haven't really been doing that.


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