Tea Review: Snow Dragon Jasmine [T2]

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
So, here's the deal. I love tea. I love how it can help with an upset tummy, soothe a sore throat, put you to sleep or pep you up. It can even just be a general calmer. 
In Tea Reviews I will give you a few details of the tea, an overall rating, and some thoughts. If you see something you like, I encourage you to go and try the tea yourself! I'll often try and let you know where you can buy it or provide a link.
(Psst! If you want me to review a specific tea, just comment and let me know! If you can provide a sample, that would be great too! <3)

Snow Dragon Jasmine

(Picture source from T2 link found below)

Initial thoughts: I could drink so much of this. In fact, I DID drink so much of this. My taste-testing pot was refilled after it was emptied.
This tea is so gentle and tender that I loved the very first sip.

Taste: Snow Dragon Jasmine has a very light flavour that is comforting and sits on the tip of your tongue quite gently. It has a very soft bitterness to it that a lot of green teas have, but this only serves to enhance the restful quality of the jasmine. Overall, it is very refreshing and pleasant.

Colour: This tea brews to a very very soft yellow, almost clear. When you brew it too strong, the flavours of the green tea come through more prominently, which isn't a problem for green tea lovers, but can be off-putting for those not accustomed to the bitter flavour.

Recommendations and thoughts: As with many green teas, I would try not to put boiling water on this tea. I'm lucky enough to have a kettle that heats to multiple different temperatures, including 80 degrees - the perfect temperature for delicate green teas. Don't steep for too long if you can avoid it (I must admit to being forgetful with my tea sometimes and letting it steep for way too long).
This tea evokes thoughts of sitting on a picnic blanket, perhaps in a kimono, while cherry blossoms gently place themselves all around you on the ground. A cup of peace.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 teacups. I didn't award full marks for this one simply because the bitterness of the green tea flavour may be off-putting to some drinkers. Also the price is a little hard to reach.

Price: I was lucky enough to get a sample of this from T2 for my own pleasure, but they do sell it for $26 for a 50g box. It may sound a little steep, but this is a very high quality tea, and, I would say, worth every penny.

Source: T2
Find it here.

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  1. Nice review of this tea - it's one of the ones I love too :)


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