Sometimes you just have a bad day.

Monday, July 23, 2012
You can go to bed early the night before, filled with hope and dreams. But then wake up the following day feeling kinda grumpy, a bit defeated, and just pretty blah.

Some days it's just that little bit harder for me to deal with certain things. Like having brain fog when I want to read about planning and dreams. Or being told by my doctor that I'll most likely not be entitled to the Disability Pension which I was kinda hoping for. Or just feeling like no one is really taking my illness into account with anything and feeling worse than ever, and just wanting a week where I can get back to a point where I can think without it hurting my head.

Little things start to bug you. Like your dog growling at you because you're trying to get a piece of plastic out of her mouth because you're petrified of her choking on it. Or accidentally walking into things about ten times over. Or a friend making you feel like perhaps ignoring them would be the healthier option.

But throughout all this, there are things to hold on to. I promise you. Sometimes you just need to take a little bit more care of yourself, like listening to audiobooks instead of trying to read with sore eyes. Or snuggling up with a cup of delicious tea. Or just dreaming a bit more about what you'd like to do with your blog ^_~. 

I went to the library today to borrow out some books to help me with some work stuff I need to do this week, and I decided to grab a few more things - some books for furthering my dreams, a book of haiku, and a french cookbook. I can't actually eat most of the food, but I love to look at the pictures and read the stories behind the food - these are the things that make me feel truly calm again.

Here are some things that help me when I'm having a bad day:

  • Cuddling my dog (even when she growls at me about plastic chokables.)
  • Reading a good book, or re-reading one I love.
  • Going to the library
  • Talking to my beloved
  • Journalling
  • Doodling and drawing! Experimenting with paint!
  • Preparing a cup of tea - everything from being mindful of the water boiling, to choosing the tea, to getting the right amount and choosing the perfect mug, cup, or teapot!
  • Online window-shopping ^_~
  • Brainstorming things I want to do (anytime!)
  • Incidentally, blogging!
  • Grabbing my camera and shooting some photos from random angles - down on the floor! Standing on a chair or a table! JUMPING.
  • Putting on some music and dancing~
  • Meditating
  • Taking some time out to read one of my favourite blogs, or re-read a favourite post from a blog :)
Even when you're having the worst day ever, being mindful and bringing your thoughts back to what is happening RIGHT NOW (in my case: girl, sitting in a desk chair, typing on her computer!) can be really great at just shocking you out of that downward spiral.

Bronte says: Just chill, man.

Sometimes taking silly pictures in a cat hat is what you need. (Kudos to my friend Willow of Syndark Designs for making the awesome cat hat!)

[P.S. these photos are now a couple of months old... I need to take some new ones to illustrate my points better! XD]

Love to all who read!

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  1. So proud of you for taking such good care of yourself and for being so aware of when you're having a bad day and what to do about it. And I love that you walk to the library so often <3


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