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Sunday, July 1, 2012
I have read so many things about artists and writers and how people don't tend to see themselves as such unless they are successful. I've read that everyone is an artist as soon as they are born (thanks Leonie Dawson), and I have taken this similarly with writing.

I can call myself a writer. I'm a writer. There you go. But I don't tell people that I write very often. I don't write every day, but it is such a big part of my identity and the way I perceive myself. I have always thought that my writing would be part of my future career and livelihood. There has always been a little voice inside me that said 'writing will be a part of you forever'. But I don't know how to integrate it.

I am at a crossroads, and it's leaving me confused. I am considering so many things and fighting a lot of demons. I am clutching at peace and learning so much from myself and from so many things in my life.

But, even with all these things happening in my life, I have the hope that something good is coming out of this. I am still enjoying the journey.

Sorry about the disjointed post - as you can tell, there's a lot going through my brain. I'm just going to ride the unicorn and see how I go ^_~

Love to those who read <3

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