Finding my feet.

Monday, July 16, 2012
You're going to see a lot of kittens observing feet.

Anyway. After much thought and deliberation, I thought it was time that this blog had a main purpose behind it, instead of just being my odd ramblings. (Although those are always awesome so I may still do them occasionally ^_~)

Rest has always been a main feature in my life, ever since I started getting sick. I've had to learn how to rest properly instead of going 'Yes I'll rest... but doing a load of washing can't hurt. I'm home anyway.' I understand that people do this, it's just my body doesn't quite work that way. And I know I'm not the only one.

My main passions in life have been writing, reading, tea, and comfy clothes (I have a serious addiction to pyjamas. They're amazing.). All things I've associated with resting (aside from the writing which is just always there, regardless of whether I'm resting or not).

So now, that's what my business will be about. I will post reviews of books I've been reading or have read, I will review teas as well (this will hopefully get me to branch out of just having T2, I love them so much...). I may even post some writing on Buddhism and how I use certain meditation practices to get through pain, sickness, and loneliness.

For so long now, I have felt like I've been bumped from job to job, illness to illness, and passion to passion like a hot potato. I am tired of fighting against my illness, and I'm tired of other people making me feel like having this illness is a failing of mine. Western society seems to dictate that I either push myself at a job until I burn out entirely, or I be swept under the carpet. I want to work WITH my illness to find a lifestyle that suits me. I need more rest than your average worker, and I get sick a lot more often. But why should that mean that I am neglected?

My writing has always been my way of getting through the tough times, and celebrating the good times. I love writing, and I am going to use this passion to step into my future, whatever it may bring.

It is time that I moved forward with everything, and stop worrying about work and pushing myself beyond my limits. I am ridiculously scared of the next chapter of my life, but that also brings excitement. So here we go.

If you enjoy any of my posts, please comment and let me know! This is a new venture for me and I  would really love your input.

Love to all who read <3

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  1. Baby, I'm so proud of you. It takes great honesty and courage to examine your life and the world you live in, and to decide that you are going to be different because it makes you happier. Your unique knowledge, skills and experience make you the perfect explorer for this new direction in your blog (and your life). I'll back you all the way <3


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